I get your business.

I’m different from most commercial and B2B writers in that I combine an analytical approach with a marketer’s touch.

Unlike most commercial writers, I have over 18 years of management experience working at both banks and credit unions, and an MBA in Finance from a top-tier school. I’ve held a variety of positions throughout my career, many of them in marketing, product management and business development roles.

I have a broad and deep understanding of your business, customers and members.  So I can hit the ground running and add immediate strategic, collaborative value to your project.

Over a 25-year corporate career, I’ve worked inside both mid-size and Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries. I get the unique challenges, pressures and politics of corporate America.


I weave complex information into digestible bites.

I have the unique ability to weave together a lot of detailed, complex information into a single, cohesive and digestible piece. This means that I will craft your key message into a compelling argument that your clients will understand.

I am a professional.

As an attentive listener who asks insightful questions, I create compelling copy that effectively communicates your unique value proposition.

I understand that you don’t have time for a lot of hand-holding. When you work with me, you will find that I am professional, responsive, and always deliver my work on deadline and as requested.

Interested? Let’s talk.

If you’re ready to get going on your next project, contact me and let’s get started. For more information about me, please see my bio, or visit my LinkedIn page.